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Q: How responsive will you be if I have a claim?

A:You call and we come! The Douglas J. Kafoure Agency will hold your hand through the claim process, making it as painless as possible. We’ll guide you through the filing of your claim, and provide you with your personal claim number, adjuster’s name and phone number within 24 hours – Guaranteed! We’ll even provide immediate help to protect your open property from further damage until your property is secured. What we bring to the table to help you through this process, they don’t teach you in seminary!

Q: I don’t know insurance- how can I trust that I am getting the amount and type of coverage that our ministry needs?

A: We start with our exclusive “7 Crowns of Ministry” survey. It’s like a thermometer that assesses how well you are currently managing risk in your church. You’ll answer a series of questions, and rate your church’s ministry, in 7 key ministry areas. Then we ask you some specific questions to help us fully understand your church ministries, and tour your facilities. Upon completion, we compare the 7 Crowns survey with where you’ve stated you want your coverage to be. From the information gathered, we’ll design a custom fit package guaranteed to meet your church’s specific ministry needs.

Q: The church market is different than other commercial industries- how can we be assured that you understand our unique needs?

A: Churches are what we do! We are the largest insurer of churches, and people in the pews, in the country. We do not try to be all things to all people. “The Church” is what we specialize in protecting, and we understand that “The Church” is not the building, it’s “The People!”

Q: In an effort to protect our people, what are you doing to help us be proactive in preventing claims in the first place?

A: GuideOne’s Center for Risk Management is your most respected authority on church safety, security, and risk management. We Guarantee to train your people in the areas where your church is vulnerable in an effort prevent issues before they need resolved. Our services include: informative and educational seminars, combined with regular communication on industry changes that matter to you.

Q: Once I buy from you, will I ever see you again?

A: You aren’t just buying an insurance policy! You are buying a proactive relationship. Throughout the entire year we’ll be in contact with you to educate you. We Guarantee you’ll hear from us 60 days before your renewal date. At which time we will reassess what your ministries’ future goals are for one and three years out, to ensure that we have anticipated your future needs accordingly.

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