Insurance information institute


Indiana Church Insurance The Insurance Information Institute is an excellent resource for those beginning to research insurance options and needs. The Institute is a nonprofit organization that exists to inform the public’s understanding of various types of insurance services. Here you’ll also find access to a free online home inventory.


The Indiana Department of Insurance website is another great resource, providing information that is specific to the state of Indiana. Here you will find guidance on auto policy protection, auto damages/injuries from uninsured motorists, property insurance, workers’ compensation, and a frequently asked questions section.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles website lists the cases in which a motorist must provide proof of insurance. If a motorist is involved in any of the following situations, they must provide proof that they are insured:

  • An auto accident.
  • A traffic ticket within one year of receiving two other traffic tickets.
  • A serious traffic violation such as a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Any traffic violation by a driver who was previously suspended for failing to provide proof of financial responsibility.

THE NATIONAL AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION – The National Automobile Dealers Association offers vehicle pricing for all types of cars, motorcycles, RV’s, even classic cars and motorcycles. Here you’ll find one of the most comprehensive vehicle information websites on the internet.


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